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If the standard or off the shelf just doesn’t cut it.

At Newstart, bespoke gearbox designs are our specialty. Leveraging a wide array of standard components and our unique custom machining expertise, we craft custom gearboxes tailored for specific applications routinely. Choose Newstart as your preferred custom gearbox provider and reach out for a personalized design today.

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What qualifies as a custom gearbox feature or a unique design? Here are some examples:

  • Adaptations for specific environmental conditions
  • Specialized mounting needs
  • Specific lubrication needs
  • Modifications in dimensions
  • Gearboxes for high-speed operations
  • Distinctive shaft configurations
  • Premium material choices
  • Designs with multiple shaft outputs
  • Customized paint finishes
  • Choice of plating options
  • Tailored gear ratios
  • Solutions for washdown

From terrestrial settings to underwater depths, or even airborne contexts, enduring the scorching heat of furnaces or the biting cold of the Antarctic, Newstart has met some of the most stringent application challenges, even accommodating requests for single-piece productions.

If you’re tackling a unique application and find that standard options aren’t sufficient, share your specifications with us and we’ll collaborate on a custom gearbox solution.

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