HG13 2 Speed Gearbox

HG13 2 Speed Gearbox

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HG13 2 speed gearbox solution for CNC machine tool spindle has achieved the bidirectional requirements of high torque and high speed in metal cutting processing.More precise anufacturing processes, higher torque gear systems, more reliable stepper motor driven mechanical gear shifts, and more thoughtful customer service, we believe that all of these are the results you want.


  • 2 speed intelligent shift;
  • Higher output torque and strong overload capacity, resistant to impact;
  • Adapt to more motors;
  • Standard Torque Capacity up to 3600N.m;
  • Standard Ratio Availability 4:1;
  • More stable shifting power;
  • Step motor+Worm Gear+Pinion Rack,Perfect Shifting Power;
  • Designed for longevity, it operates smoothly and is both safe and reliable;


HG13 2 speed gearbox Parameters

Ratio Normal input speed Max Input speed Normal output torque Max output torque Motor shaft Backlash Noise Reference weight
4 1500r/min 4000-6000r/min 2400Nm 3600Nm p60 20arcmin 88dB 90kg
HG13 2-speed Gearbox catalog_02

HG13 2-speed Gearbox catalog_02