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5 Steps Select The Gearbox You Need

Faced with customers and excellent product designers, NEWSTART is not only responsible for presenting your product status as fully as possible but also responsible for contributing years of experience in product application to you. These experiences are also important factors influencing product selection. Correct consideration of these factors will be given. It brings a lot of help to you and an excellent designer.

5 steps select gearbox you need

  1. The first step is to confirm the working environment of the reducer. For example, ultra-high and low temperature, altitude, anti-corrosion, mold, explosion-proof, waterproof, radiation, and other requirements need to be customized.
  2. The second step is to determine your working conditions. For example, frequent start and stop, operating cycle characteristics, impact load, safety factor, repetitive positioning accuracy, and other requirements to determine the external force on the performance of the gearbox requirements.
  3. The third step is to determine the structural form of the transmission chain. For example gear and rack, synchronous belt, coupling, ball screw, cam, etc. Ensure the best transmission chain accuracy and the correct selection of different structure series of reducer products.
  4. Then, according to the precise planetary reducer-selection flow chart the rated output torque, speed, speed ratio, accuracy, axial force, and radial force of the required reducer are calculated, and then the gearbox suitable for your requirements is finally selected.
  5. If the standard model cannot meet your requirements, then we will have professional technical research and development engineers to communicate with you directly to meet your customization requirements.

Development process & Quality inspection

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Flexible Manufacturing System

Newstart owns advanced flexible manufacturing and automated manufacturing capabilities. It introduced the EMAG gears manufacturing center, MAKINO 5-axis CNC machining center, and many peak brands’ automated production lines which can effectively improve production flexibility, ensure product quality, and achieve savings & efficiency. If you have any requirements, welcome to contact us.

EMAG gears manufacturing center